"What Could It Mean ?" VoiceThread

Let's create a story about traditions, customs and practices around the world for and with our students.
We need to sharpen our kids' skills to foresee and sense cultural misunderstandings, instead of letting them grow up to be insensitive an believing everyone will have the same cultural background knowledge.

VoiceThread, "What Could it Mean?"

I am looking for collaboration from teachers around the world.
There are several ways you can collaborate with us on this project/
  1. Contribute one image from YOUR country depicting a unique tradition, typical custom, distinctive perspectives, routines, habits and practices. Remember what might be familiar to you...can be strange, exotic and a bizarre practice to someone else on our planet. The image should be able to start a conversation in your own class and raise awareness that "others" might not see the same thing or understand its meaning the way we do in our own country. How can you contribute an image?
  2. You and your students can look at the contributed images from around the world and come up with your own interpretation of "What Could it Mean?
  3. Have your students record an audio or text comments on the voicethread with their ideas what it could mean.How to leave an audio or text comment on VoiceThread?

Help spread the word to your colleagues in your schools and personal learning network. Let's open up a conversation about "We are not alone on this planet".

Let me know of any ideas, comments or thoughts you might have on this project idea.