What could it mean? VOICETHREAD KEY

Image 1- Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plastic Bottle on roof of car
In Argentina a plastic bottle on the roof of your car means, that the car is for sale

Image 2- Frankfurt, Germany
Dog inside clothing store
In Germany it is allowed and customary to take dogs with to stores, shopping malls, even restaurants

Image 3- Luxor, Egypt
A man is waving to a cruise ship on the banks of the nile.
He is wearing a traditional galabiya robe.

Image 4- Beijing, China
Chain with hundreds of locks attached on the Great Wall of China
According to tradition couples about to get married will add a lock to symbolize their everlasting love.

Image 5- Hong Kong, China
Building with a hole
According to a legend, there lives a dragon in the mountains of Hong Kong. Nothing can be in the way when he flies from the mountains to the drink water at night. Trained Feng Shui masters allow or prohibit the building of houses and buildings which are in the way of the dragon's path.

Image 6- Detroit, MI, USA
A painted run down building
In an effort to beautify a run down area of the city, artists are using old buildings as their canvas.

Image 7- Yellowstone Park, USA
Traffic Jam in the middle of the Wilderness
If you look up ahead, you can see that their are American Bison walking in the road. Yellowstone is the oldest National Park in the US. It is a beautiful pristine area, but with millions of visitors during the summer, you can often find traffic jams caused by people stopping to see bears, bison and moose. United States is the country with the highest car ownership per capita in the world http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:World_vehicles_per_capita.png

Image 8- Jerusalem, Israel
Traffic stops-drivers stand by cars
Israel Rememberance Day

Image 9- Xi'an, China
Boys aged from about 8-15 rehearse a Lion Dance in a square in Xi'an, China. They did a full routine that was very impressive. The first of two photos shows the older, bigger dancer in the back about to lift the young dancer in the front. The second photo shows the lion fully standing with the back dancer holding the front dancer above him. You can see the top dancer's shoes, one under the bottom dancer's faces, the other above it. I know it was only supposed to be one photo, so you can pick either one, I just like that these two photos show the lion in regular and full standing position.

Image 10- United States
All across the United States, elementary students learn to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag. They put their right hand on their heart, look at the flag, and say the Pledge. The 31 words represent the ideals of love and loyalty to our land, and freedom and fairness for all in our country. It is often recited at schools and at public events. The US is possibly the only country on Earth which has a Pledge to its flag!

Image 11- Florida, United States of America
Typical view of traffic at the time when school starts or lets out. One orange school bus after another takes children from their neighborhoods to the school in the morning and takes them back in the afternoon. There is no public transportation available for students to take. They have to use the school bus or be taken by a private car. Few students walk or ride their bicycles to schools.

Image 12- Urubamba Valley, PerĂº
Urubamba Valley is the Sacred Valley, about one hour away from Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas. Gigantic stones were placed on the road due to a strike in order to prevent ANYONE from passing by or doing or getting to work.

Image 13- Cusco, PerĂº
You will see statues of 2 bulls on top of many roofs in Peru. Many times they are combined with a cross. The bulls are a symbol for good luck.

Image 14 - Rotorua, New Zealand
Native Wooden Carvings
Maori carving, usual for entrances to significant places

Image 15- United States
Wedding couple jumping together over broom
It has its origins in African culture, and was used during slavery as a symbol of union, since marriages amongst slaves were not recognized under the law, as they were not full citizens. It illustrates a leap of faith.

Image 16- Brazil
Brazilian Restaurant- Card reading "Yes, please" and "Sim Por Favor".
In a brazilian steak house, waiters will walk around the tables, slicing meat directly onto your plate, until you turn the usually green (yes) on one side of the card to the red (no) on the other side. Once you turn your card back to the green side. The meat starts coming again.

Image 17- Dalarna Sweden
Raising of the Maypole
The setting up of the maypole is a tradition going back to the 16th century. Young people of the village work together to select and cut down the tree, to transport and to decorate it. During the preparation it is necessary to guard the maypole because young people from other villages who would like to steal it. The setting up of the maypole is a big feast for the whole community.

Image 18-Germany
Six year old girl holding a cone
The custom of a "Schultuete" in Germany dates back to 1810. Each child creates their own or is presented with their own cone on their first day of school (First grade). It is traditionally filled with candy and other sweets. In recent years the tradition has changed to fill the cone with pencils, crayons, and other fun articles.

Image 19- Mexico
Voladores- Flyers of Mexico
According to legend, a long drought covered the Earth so five men decided to send Xipe Totec, the God of fertility a message, asking them for the rain to return. They went to the forest and looked for the straightest tree, cut it, and took it back to their town. They removed all branches and placed it on the ground, then dressed themselves as feet/birds and descended flying attempting to grab their God's attention. It is believed that this ritual began over 1,500 years ago

Image 20- Spain
12 grapes eaten on New Years Eve
In Spain 12 grapes are eaten simultaneously to 12 bells announcing the New Year. Each grape represents a month of the year to come, and how luckily you are going to be. The tradition started in the past, when an excess in the production of grapes was compensated by that excessive consumption. After the bells, everyone kisses each other, and take a glass of champagne to cheer.

Image 21 - Yarmouth, Maine
This picture is our class of third graders (8 & 9 year olds) harvesting carrots in September from our School Garden.